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All Roads is the creator, owner and operator of the MonkeyLMS knowledge management platform.

The MonkeyLMS logo: an orange monkey head next to the text "MonkeyLMS".

Launched in May 2022, MonkeyLMS is designed specifically for small business, charitable and not-for-profit organizations, clubs, boards and and all manner of associations.

We’ve been helping clients build and manage their Knowledge and Learning Management Systems for the last ten years. With the launch of the MonkeyLMS platform we’ve wrapped up the best parts of everything we’ve learned along the way into a simple yet robust tool for owner/managers in today’s challenging and rapidly evolving operating environment.

MonkeyLMS facilitates your organization’s success in having a secure, always accessible resource for your employees, sub-contractors, agents, members or other constituents to get the knowledge you need them to have and they need to know.

Our MonkeyLMS SaaS platform helps you take the pain out of managing your corporate knowledge and ensuring its efficient transfer to your organization’s people. We help you get the right knowledge into the right hands and your team(s) on the same page wherever they that you can realize the onboarding and productivity gains essential to managing and growing the organization.

Your knowledge is precious!





Tailor your system to be what you need it to be… from a full-blown Learning Management System (LMS) with quizzes, exams, courses, gamification and points... right on down to a simple, secure and organized medium where your employees and stakeholders can at any time find the answers they need on the fly.

Your branding, your content and your system settings ensures MonkeyLMS will be an invaluable management tool for you and your organization..

With its knowledge under control, your business or organization will have:

  • The certainty that your employees, volunteers or other stakeholder group each has access to everything you want and need them to know.
  • A complete view of which groups, departments, teams or individuals have learned and absorbed the knowledge... or haven’t.
  • The ability to present different content and formats to different User Groups and Locations defined by you.
  • A permanent, secure, sign-in repository for your corporate knowledge; accessible 24/7 by your team(s) to manage your operations, and to find instant knowledge and guidance when they need it most.
  • The ability to add an unlimited number of Admins...each with unique permissions determined and assigned by you.
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