Technology to Deploy Your Knowledge

Authica™ is a learning and gamification software developed by All Roads Inc. that optimizes the knowledge transfer process from start to finish.

Authica™ Features

Customized Curriculum and Structured Courses: Customize the learning journey (e.g. how and when users absorb specific content) for targeted user groups. Use courses to teach clients or employees about specific processes, products, and people. Courses ensure that information is presented in a linear, logical order. Test users’ comprehension with individual quizzes on each lesson and comprehensive exams at the end of the course.

Intake Survey: Collect need-to-know information for prospecting, or recommend learning focus areas and guide users towards the materials that are most relevant to them, based on the results of the survey.

Content Format Variety: Use the best medium to teach a specific concept (e.g. video, hotspot, infographic, article). Increase engagement and maximize reach by providing content that sparks interactions and caters to all types of learners.

Bookmarks/Favorites: “Vote” for others to see priority content or bookmark an item for you to easily find again.

Shareable Content: Users can share content with others in their user group.

Comments: Encourage conversation around key learnings.

Learning Points and Certifications: Test and track user engagement and verify competency with quizzes attached to each lesson, and exams at the end of each course.

Tasks and Experience Points: Take learnings offline by assigning tasks and rewarding users for their real-world achievements.

Badges: Custom imagery that users can earn for their profiles which indicate achievements, learnings, and other incented behavior. Use them to motivate users, recognize their accomplishments, and easily evaluate and rank their engagement, their effort with the program and the content. Admin users also have the ability to manually rewarded users.

Progress Pages: See a complete summary of your progress across content categories or courses and the work still left to be done.

Real-Time Leaderboard: Display users’ achievements in real-time to show users how their progress compares to their peers. This fosters a healthy competitive environment that motivates and engages users.

Team Forum: Provide a platform to facilitate discussions where the information is forever accessible.

Automated Messaging: Communicate with users in a sustainable, zero-effort manner with planned automated messaging that is responsive to their actions (or inaction). Automated messaging doubles as a notifier of important upcoming events and as an activity and achievement log, ensuring users have a record of their accomplishments.

User Groups and Roles: Limit your portal experience access to logged-in audiences and organize those audiences into groups based on their role, authority, or other criteria. User groups enable the system to allow access to specific content within a faction of people and limit that access to those without — ideal for targeting content to precise audiences, or protecting confidential information. User Roles dictate the authority of the user. Manager or admin status can be assigned to specific users so they can monitor the progress of their employees, view back-end analytics, remove or add users, etc.

Analytics, Reporting and Tracking: Each user’s interaction with the system and content is tracked and recorded, to measure their engagement and achievements. We use these analytics to fuel our measurement plans. The data provides insights on users’ and groups’ progress, habits, preferences, etc. In the case of prospects, these insights can unearth customers’ interests for better segmentation and targeting.

Admin Dashboard: Admin users can see summaries of data and can explore data about individual users, pieces of content, etc.

Subscription or Single Payment: Choose the model and pricing structure ideal for your audience.

PayPal Integration: Process credit card transactions directly through PayPal.

Session Save: System automatically recalls where the user left off.

What Does Authica™ Achieve For Your Business? Authica™ Systems…

Improve Communication

Authica™ systems enable sustainable, targeted, strategic communications to key stakeholders. By providing high value content, you can incent the behaviors that drive your organization’s success.

Resolve Verbal Knowledge Transfer Challenges

Verbal education is inconsistent, inefficient, impossible to measure, and difficult to retain. Authica™ portals deploy content that is consistent, permanent, easy to absorb, and widely accessible. Know exactly what your audience knows, and what they don’t know.

Provide Unparalleled Insights

Understand your audience like never before. Authica™ systems enable detailed, specific, and deep-level insights into stakeholders’ understanding, knowledge gaps, needs, priorities, concerns, questions, and interests.

Make Learning Simple and Engaging

With a robust organization system of categorization, tags, self-assessments, and more, Authica™ systems make it easy for users to find the material they want to learn, or let the system guide them to the content that’s ideal for them. Moreover, the materials are engaging, making them easier to absorb and retain, and incenting users to consume more of your content. By making the content enjoyable, and supporting the experience with gamification, users are motivated to keep learning.