is your most
valuable asset.

The knowledge of your best people not only runs your business, it is your business. You use it everywhere, everyday and with everyone. Without it, your business would just be four walls.



Knowledge: the facts, information, and skills that a person acquires through experience and/or education.
It is the theoretical or practical understanding of an object.


The information owned and shared among those who work at your organization: Employees, new recruits, managers, contractors, the executive team, consultants, etc. It often comes in the form of:

  • Processes
  • Company vision, values, and culture
  • Training
  • Expectations and performance guidelines
  • Industry and company best practices
  • How to use your systems and tools
  • Service-specific information


The information about your business and its offerings that your business needs to share with: Prospects, customers, applicants, referrals, vendors, partners, etc. This includes:

  • Marketing, sales, and customer care information
  • Your offerings and differentiators
  • Key decision-making criteria
  • Best practices to use your products or services
  • How to work with your business
  • Tips, advice, and answers to FAQs

Everything boils down to your organization’s ability to transfer knowledge to the right people at the right times with purpose. Your knowledge is crucial and valuable, but it’s not working for you.

Think about your best employees | prospects | customers

  • How long did it take them to learn everything they know?
  • What exactly do they know — and what don’t they know?
  • How many hours a year do they spend repeating information to customers — or to each other?
  • How many years would it take to develop a newcomer to their level?
  • What would happen if they left?
  • How long does it take to develop a great employee — and how quickly can you lose them?
  • How long does it take them to get informed enough to make a purchase decision?
  • What confuses them and how do unanswered questions affect their willingness to purchase?
  • How many prospects are asking the exact same questions?
  • How long do your sales staff spend personally nurturing leads?
  • How much will they remember from conversations with your sales team?
  • Do they fully understand the product or service they purchased?
  • Do they understand the full range of your offerings to maximize upsell and cross-sell opportunities?
  • How long do your customer care staff spend explaining your products or services to them?
  • Do they know enough about your business to refer you?
  • When their needs change, will your business be top of mind?

The inability to
transfer key
knowledge limits
the growth of
your business.

Knowledge is your most valuable asset, but organizations fail to leverage it because they insist on delivering it verbally. They lose countless hours talking with customers, prospects, and staff, repeating the same information.

Whether your knowledge transfer is internal (between employees) or external (to customers, prospective employees, vendors, etc.), sharing it verbally does. not. work.

Verbal Education Is:

  • intangible
  • inefficient
  • inaccessible
  • inconsistent
  • & inimpermanent
Your most valuable resource isn’t accessible, consistent, or used efficiently. It’s idling in a vault untapped, instead of working for you.

your knowledge


your entire business.

When you make knowledge tangible, organize it and manage it, it becomes accessible and transferable. You can strategically deploy it in every department of your business and to every stakeholder who contributes to your success.

Identified, organized, and captured knowledge can revolutionize your business. Package it into strategic, targeted curricula that inform and engage users — ones that are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

That’s when you start to reap multi-faceted ROI across your organization.

To make your vast, abstract knowledge into a concrete, targeted service offering, you need a powerful tool. It’s called a Knowledge Map.
You can scale and differentiate by deploying knowledge to targeted stakeholders.

Deploy your knowledge to the stakeholders who need it with targeted, measurable eLearning programs. Control who can access your content and harness the latest in gamification technology to motivate users and track their engagement with your material. Use strategic measurement plans to reveal unparalleled insights on the curiosities, motivations, behaviours, and activities of your different audiences.

Your knowledge is invaluable. Don’t waste it.


Who do YOU need to reach? Deploy knowledge to the right people.

Get your knowledge under control and deliver it to your audience.

Manage and move your knowledge. Revolutionize your business.