Many CEOs see managing knowledge as a huge challenge for their businesses – exacerbated by the vast amount of need-to-know information, processes and best practices evolving at lightning speed, and the realities of turnover. You need a tool that can not only record your knowledge, but actually help you use it to grow and scale your business. Something sleek and simple. Organized. Collaborative.

It’s called a Knowledge Map and it will change the way you run your business. Here are three reasons you should start a Knowledge Map today.

You need a Knowledge Map because…

1. If you don’t capture knowledge, you can’t leverage it.

Knowledge is your organization’s most precious and useful asset – but only if it’s treated as such. It’s practically impossible to leverage organizational knowledge like an asset if it exists only in the minds of the people who work there.

Treat your organizational knowledge with the same deference as you would any other asset. Make it tangible by recording and storing it. How do you transform ideas into a physical asset?

You map them.

Use the latest knowledge mapping technology to break down knowledge into its most basic concepts. From there, it’s easy to place knowledge into categories, and organize it according to a range of criteria.

screenshot of knowledge map

You need a Knowledge Map because…

2. You can make big-picture business decisions.

Every business strategy you consider or put into action hinges on knowledge. Expanding your sales team? Knowledge. Offering a new service? Knowledge. Looking for an Angel investor? Knowledge. No matter what it is you intend to do, somewhere, somebody needs knowledge in order for it to get done.

But who needs what knowledge: what do they already know and what do they still need to learn? How will you deliver it to them? Which knowledge concepts should you prioritize over others? What is public knowledge and what is for only specific audiences?

With your knowledge before you in an easy-to-use format, you can think critically and strategically about every concept to make smarter decisions for your business based on your goals, knowledge, and stakeholders.

venn diagram

You need a Knowledge Map because…

3. It’s the best legacy you can leave.

You owe it to your colleagues and employees to leave them set up for success. The crucial knowledge you’ve gained over years in the industry and years at your company simply can’t walk out the door when you do. Put it in a Knowledge Map, and it becomes a powerful resource that your successors – and the rest of your team – can leverage. This isn’t a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have.

group using the knowledge map

As a CEO, you can solve the problem of knowledge management at your organization by starting your company’s first Knowledge Map. Use it to transform mere ideas into a concrete resource that you can see, move around, update, organize, and prioritize. A robust Knowledge Map is the only tool you need to devise the business building strategies that will take your organization where you want it to go.