You’re a trailblazer: you’ve built a world-class eLearning system with a powerful training curriculum. For each compelling content piece, you have quizzes that require critical thinking, and, if answered correctly, allow you ascertain whether each employee knows what you need them to know. Amazing! But what if your Employee Education Portal could be used for people who aren’t even your employees — yet? What if it could become your new secret weapon for recruiting and hiring?

Think Like a Job Candidate

To fully understand the value of leveraging your Employee Education Portal for talent attraction, put yourself in the shoes of a potential recruit. It’s a candidate-driven employment market1, and talented individuals have options.

Salary and benefits are important, yes, but the best and brightest want to work for a progressive organization that values them. According to an Execu|Search study, more than half of prospective and current employees cite “opportunity for professional development” as their number one priority2. Ahead of money. Ahead of benefits and perks. Ahead of anything else: they want to learn and grow.

That’s what an Employee Education Portal says about an organization. It says, “We take the time to provide our staff with all the tools and education they need to excel in their roles and advance their careers.” Not to mention that it also demonstrates innovation and flexibility, using cutting edge technology that makes learning easy, convenient and dare we say even fun for the learner.

Knowing this, why wouldn’t you feature your training system in your talent attraction process?

Now Think Like an Employer of Choice

It’s an employee-driven market: so capture their interest — and, ultimately, their talent. When you post a job, provide a link to your staff training system. You don’t have to share the “secret sauce,” or your proprietary processes and procedures. But you can allow access to a modified or limited version that enables potential hires to learn about your organization’s history, mission, vision, key people, and values. This empowers candidates to effectively assess whether your organization is the right fit for them.

Taking this step allows potential hires to assess their own candidacy and to grow more excited about your organization. Not only that, it enables you to evaluate how engaged they are even before the first interview. Instead of relying on a polished cover letter and resume, you can track genuine interest and overall engagement as candidates advance through your hiring process. Your decision-making process just became more targeted and effective. One applicant didn’t bother to log in and get learning compared to the others who are racking up points? Your decision is easy.

Better Face-to-Face Interviews

Now it’s time for the face-to-face interview. You might want to pull out the usual questions: track records, GPAs, career goals, if you had to choose one superpower, which one would it be? But wouldn’t you love to evaluate your candidate’s ability to learn and retain knowledge — especially that which applies specifically to your business?

Through the Employee Education Portal, you have given candidates access to the information they will need to do the job. It is only fair that you discuss this, and at the same time, evaluate their understanding of the specific role for which you are hiring.

Within a single interview, you gather much more insight into the eagerness, role understanding, and cognitive capabilities of your candidates. Turns out your superpower is stellar recruiting.

Onboarding: No More Awkward First Weeks

Once you decide to bring an employee on-board, you have empowered them to hit the ground running on their first day and to maintain that momentum. Your Employee Education Portal helps ensure a better fit, improving the odds that your new hires want the job, are keen to perform, and feel connected to your organization. Additionally, you’ll save countless hours onboarding and training new hires, which increases efficiencies across the board.

Given the increasingly competitive recruiting landscape, your organization needs a secret weapon. Your Employee Education Portal is the key to seeking out, selecting, and onboarding the right recruits — and ensuring they become invaluable employees who will help you achieve business-building goals.