Gamification is the secret to help your customers and prospects learn what they need to learn in order to convert, buy, and refer. But not all audiences need the same gamification settings. Why does your portal need gamified elements, and how do you choose which features to include or exclude? How do you adjust these settings over time to make your portal even better? Start here.

How Does Gamification Work?

When it comes to knowledge transfer — that is, when you want your audience to absorb, understand, and retain your material and progress along a long-term learning journey — gamification works in three ways:

  1. It provides micro-rewards (e.g. with points and badges) to keep the user interested and returning to your portal so that are motivated to reach long-term milestones.
  2. It provides context and meaning (e.g. with certifications and statuses), providing a framework for the whole experience, which pushes users to achieve longer-term objectives.
  3. It reinforces learning (e.g. with quizzes and exams) to give both you and the user real measures of the user’s progress.

All said, gamification is the best way to ensure that the knowledge transfer service you’ve worked so hard to create captures your audience’s attention. Gamification provides them with real value and keeps them learning — which all leads back to your organization achieving its goals.

However, not all gamified systems are created equal. What will work for your customers and prospects might not work for others. To determine what gamification parameters your Customer Engagement Portal needs — and how to adjust them as you track the analytics of your site, read on.

What Are The Gamifications Needs For Your Customer Engagement Portal?

You should plan your Customer Engagement Portal from the intersection of three vital pillars: your clear, business-buildings goals, a deep understanding of your specific stakeholder audience, and the knowledge they need to acquire in order to help your business achieve its goals.

From this point of strategic planning, you will be able to examine the gamification possibilities available to you and determine the best features for your portal. Consider the following:

  • Does it make sense for your business to quiz your prospects or customers? Will this particular group appreciate the learning reinforcement?
  • Should you suggest that your target audience complete tasks or real-world “assignments”?
  • Do you want to take away points when users answer incorrectly? What are the consequences of doing so? Will your audience be motivated by this high-stakes game or demotivated by it?
  • Do you want to offer courses and exams? Are users likely to complete them?
  • Do you want to certify your prospects and customers or simply allow them to progress through the material at their own pace? How structured are the milestones in your portal?
  • How much content is in your portal and how much do you plan to add and when? How will this affect users? Will they need to re-do any courses or exams? Will they need to complete the new material to hold on to their previously achieved statuses?
  • What badges could you use to encourage interaction on the portal and offline – such as referrals or upsells or event participation?
  • What would your progress page look like?
  • Should customers be able to add members of their team into the portal? Do they need to track the progress of their team members?
  • What messages do you want to send out and how frequently?

Setting Up The Right Game For Your Stakeholders

Your Customer Engagement Portal is a service for your audience as much as it is for you. Thus, it’s crucial to take the time to strategically consider all the possible gamification features, but only to include those that will resonate with your specific audience. After all, for this endevour to be worth your time and investment, you want it to help your company achieve big-picture goals — and it can only do so if your audience enjoys their learning experience.

Once you’ve planned the gamification for the portal, developed it, and launched it, you can reap rich insights from the data the portal generates. Use this to refine the gamified features for the ultimate success.