Picture this: your Customer Engagement Portal has launched. It’s chock-full of your expert content. Your prospects and customers are enjoying the gamified features that making learning enjoyable and easier — they’re earning points and badges, favoriting content, and logging in on the regular. Congratulations! They’re already far more engaged with your brand than they are with any of your competitors. But now isn’t the time to pat oneself on the back and call it a day.

It’s time to measure, analyze, and optimize.

Don’t Forget the Data: A Precious Resource Exclusively Yours

Having considered all the possible functionalities and built your system strategically according to the gamification features most likely to compel your audience, your next step is to collect the data and optimize based on the insights.

No Customer Engagement Portal is “fire and forget”; the magic of building one means you have exclusive access to profound analytics that reveal highly sought-after information about your audience (information that your competitors do not have but wish they did).

Use this data to adjust your portal as needed, based on the “feedback” you’re seeing, from participation, to most favorited content, to the pace at which users reach milestones. Improve the experience for your target audience, and your portal will become that much more effective at encouraging them to act in a manner that helps your business achieve its goals.

Observing and Adjusting Gamification Settings For Optimal Results

Desired Action: You want customers to return to the portal; not simply log on once.

Gamification Adjustment: This is your opportunity to provide a badge earlier on in their experience. If they can achieve a milestone sooner, they’ll immediately feel the competitive motivation to earn even more rewards. This problem also indicates that a change in your early messaging is also required: update the language so users know what else is available and what incentives come with prolonged engagement.

Desired Action: You’d like more of your customers to register for and attend your next webinar.

Gamification Adjustment: Before the webinar, consider adding new content about the topic as a lead-up to the event. Promote the webinar by offering points to those who attend and a special badge. You could even include interactive gamified elements, such as an audience poll, during the webinar.

Desired Action: You want your best customers to refer you to others.

Gamification Adjustment: Make sure your portal has a special status (and perhaps other rewards, like discounts or secret content) specifically for those who refer.

Desired Action: You want your customers to purchase more.

Gamification Adjustment: Offer elite status (and all the perks that go with it) for people who spend a certain amount with you each year. (This is similar to the airline industry, which has been offering elite memberships to those who fly enough miles annually.)

Desired Action: You have the data to show that a customer’s lifetime value is directly proportionate to engagement on the system. Thus, you want to encourage customers to engage more, and spend more over time.

Gamification Adjustment: Offer a discount to those customers who achieve a particular certification on your portal. You may even want to include a personal leader board or meter to show them how close they are to achieving a discount — or make that discount proportionate to their engagement.

You’ve built the portal. But there’s always room to improve. Leverage the invaluable data that your portal generates to listen to your audience — they’re telling you exactly what they want and need, though not in so many words. Knowing what they need, it’s that much easier for you to optimize their experience and your return on investment along with it.