Jack of all trades…master of the 16-hour workday and the sleepless night. Greg Rand, owner of Atlanta-based residential construction company, Elementz, ran himself ragged attempting to do it all. In his business, he was responsible for everything, from selling work to specifying jobs to answering endless customer phone calls and sub-contractor questions. Overwhelmed with work and underwhelmed at his results, the trade Greg desperately needed to master was knowledge transfer.

This is the story of Casademia.

The Problem: The Time Demands of Delivering Knowledge Verbally

Elementz specializes in residential remodeling, renovations, and restoration. Greg is dealing with his client’s most important investment — their homes. Having contractors and crews come into one’s home is stressful, and that’s if the project is going smoothly. When there are questions, concerns, and confusions, owners understandably feel uninformed, anxious, and unhappy.

“Just a Bathroom Guy”

Was Greg the right person to handle these concerns? Could they confidently entrust their homes to him? Prospects didn’t know. He was so busy handling the nuts and bolts of his business that he couldn’t focus on sales or marketing. He couldn’t explain his differentiators, so he had to rely on referrals. But even then, he couldn’t charge more — in fact, he often had to charge less than the competition to win business.

Greg has incredible experience and talent performing a vast range of renovation and remodeling services. But he didn’t have the bandwidth to explain all the different services he provides. Unable to convey these differentiators, he knew he was losing opportunities to close sales, and certainly missing out on upsell opportunities. He’d get the contract to renovate the bathroom, for instance, but not the kitchen. He constantly faced the challenge of being known as “the bathroom guy” rather than the dedicated and experienced contractor that he is.

On Call All the Time

With no way to walk prospects through his offerings or to manage his contacts, it was hard for Greg to get in the door. Even when he did, he didn’t have the time or a process to educate his customers.

So, they didn’t know what to expect when he was speccing a project or when the contractors started their first day on the job. They had no idea why this wall needs to be knocked down or that one reinforced. They didn’t know what caused a delay, why permitting was taking so long, or why their costs increased when a lead pipe was uncovered. And they didn’t know how much more “home improvement” they could take.

Greg had to answer all these questions and ease all these concerns — one at a time, day-in, day-out. He didn’t want customers getting the information somewhere else, and he certainly didn’t want them to feel that he was unreachable. So fielding calls became yet another one of his full-time jobs.

Everyone was stressed. No one was happy. Greg was putting out fires rather than working on building his business.

The Solution: Pre-Empting Any Concern With Proactive Answers on a Customer Engagement Portal

Greg built a new, focused website that positioned Elementz as a reliable, knowledgeable residential renovation expert. Showcasing his exceptional work, it conveys a strong message of quality to prospects and customers.

It was a great start, but it wasn’t enough. How could Greg resolve his major pain points: his lack of differentiators, educational materials, lead generation, and most of all, his lack of time? He developed a customized Customer Engagement Portal.

The portal, Casademia, set Greg and Elementz apart from competitors; no one offers anything like it. Prospects and customers log into the online environment to access all the information they need to feel comfortable and confident about their home renovation project. From how to choose painters and designers to dealing with insurance companies to reducing stress, the authoritative content gives people the answers they want — often before the questions have even surfaced.

Using gamification techniques, Casademia offers Greg’s customers and prospects unique learning opportunities that are reinforced — and enlivened — with quizzes. They can earn points, achieve new levels, and become “certified home-owning experts in home remodelling.”

Casademia enables Greg to describe his offerings; in addition, his knowledge becomes yet another service that he provides. It’s a tool with which he can streamline his sales and customer service processes. People have the targeted content they need to make informed decisions about their projects, and Greg has more time to spend working on, not in, his business.

The Results: Skyrocketing Sales and Untold Saved Time

Greg’s no longer mistaken for “just the bathroom guy”. Referrals, order sizes, and revenue per customer have increased, and customer lifetime value has risen right along with them. His partners (e.g. designers, architects, contractors) love the portal and are eager to recommend Elementz to their clients.

With Casademia, Greg offers a complete knowledge service that differentiates him in a crowded market. Rather than trying to convey all of this offerings, services, value, and answers verbally, he lets his Customer Engagement Portal do that heavy lifting. He saves untold time and can scale his business.

Casademia empowers Greg’s customers to navigate the renovation process and make decisions with confidence. But Greg knows the value of this portal extends beyond his Atlanta marketplace. The same information is just as vital for people all over the country. In the future, he can choose to monetize his content and license Casademia. This will help other owners and contractors alleviate major pain points and grow their businesses, while providing additional revenue for Elementz.

Every business experiences pain points; by educating customers and offering value through a Customer Engagement Portal, leaders can transfer their knowledge more effectively, work more efficiently, differentiate themselves, and see their business grow.