If you’re thinking about selling your thought leadership through an online content service, you’re in the right place. While there is no silver bullet for striking it rich, there are some key questions to ask yourself to know if now is the right time for you to get started selling online:

Does Your Field Lack True Subject Matter Experts Online?

Given the vastness of the internet, it probably seems unlikely that there are many topics left untapped in the online world. You might be right about that but if you dig a bit deeper, you’ll see that while the market may be saturated with information, the quantities of truly valuable information are far more scarce.

Young entrepreneurs were early adopters of Knowledge as a Service (KaaS), and they may have the technological and marketing know-how to get in front of an audience, but they lack something much more valuable: experience and expertise. True subject matter experts who have spent years immersed in a profession are not necessarily the ones selling information.

If you can’t find good, credible, well-formatted and digestible teaching content about your area of expertise online, then there is huge opportunity for you – if you start now.

Does Your Knowledge Help People?

The internet is a research tool we turn to in order to solve our problems. If you want people to buy your content online, it will need to speak directly and with relevance to them – and the issues they are facing. Whether your audience is looking to learn how to make more money on the stock market, how to make better tips as a waitress, or how to change a car tire, your teaching content must help them do so.

This means knowing your audience and understanding the questions they ask, the struggles they have, and the types of materials they prefer to engage with.

If you know what your audience needs and are confident that your knowledge will help them, turning that knowledge into an online service is a natural next step.

Can You Create An Engaging Learning Environment?

Do you have the skills, or the right partner, to help you build an engaging learning environment? Because all of your efforts to create and sell your thought leadership online will get you nowhere fast if potential learners can’t find or figure out how to use your learning platform. And, in today’s online world, “easy” and “accessible” are often not enough, and the most successful online content services are turning to gamification.

Gamification motivates learners to become active participants in the learning process. Without game playing elements – like ranks, points, and badges – they might make time to read an article over their lunch break, but with these elements and a healthy dose of competition, they might just find the time to consume two articles and two videos. As an added bonus, they retain more information1 and feel more engaged with you and your content. Data shows that gamification has a big impact on a person’s enthusiasm for learning:

  • 89% of people enrolled in professional and university eLearning platforms indicate that a point system would boost their engagement.2
  • 82% are in favor of multiple difficulty levels and content they can explore on their own.3
  • 62% stated that they would be motivated to learn even more if leaderboards were involved and they had the opportunity to compete with other colleagues.4

While there are many people out there attempting to make money selling content online, those who are most successful have said Yes to these three questions. What about you? Do you have what it takes to tap into the billions of dollars being spent on eLeaning this year?