Imagine you have decades of experience in your field. You can confidently say you’re one of the foremost experts in North America. But your business is based wholly on your ability to personally deliver that knowledge to others — in coaching sessions, keynote addresses, and in peer advisory groups. As you approach the twilight of your career, how will you leave a legacy? Will the knowledge and experience that is a part of your identity go on? It can still be so useful to thousands — if not millions — of others. The thought of letting that knowledge go to waste kills you. So you do something about it.

That’s the story of C.E.O. Tribe.

The Problem: A Tome of Knowledge, Locked in One Person’s Brain

Larry Hart has been coaching CEOs one-to-one and leading CEO peer advisory groups for 18 years. He has devoted over 16,000 hours to coaching, mentoring, and working through critical business issues with CEOs, covering diverse topics from finance and marketing to team leadership and company sales.

In addition to his experience, he’s well-versed in the literature of his field. From books to articles, webinars to workshops, conferences to classes, Larry is a lifelong learner who has been actively absorbing thought leadership from the best thinkers across the world for decades. From all his research and experience, he’s adopted his own best practices on the myriad issues through which he mentors his clients every day.

This knowledge is a part of his identity. Few in North America better understand the life of the CEO, the demands of the role, nor how to rise to the different challenges in a range of business situations and market environments.

But as Larry nears the final quarter of his career, he has a “pay it forward” mentality. All his years of experience and knowledge could still be useful to others. If he stops coaching and mentoring, no one else can benefit. Is there a new way to deliver his knowledge to his target audience on a much larger scale?

The Solution: Creating a Single Expert Resource for CEOs Worldwide

With the daunting challenge of pulling 18 years of experience out of his brain and putting it onto proverbial paper, Larry got to work knowledge mapping everything he has learned over the decades. As he discovered patterns in his knowledge, he organized his knowledge map into the following categories:

Part of the Knowledge Map for CEO Tribe

Within a month, Larry had mapped no fewer than 300 individual knowledge concepts and had tagged and organized this vast knowledge base whether it was him or a member of his network who was a go-to expert on each identified topic.

Then, it was simply the matter of prioritizing this knowledge and making it available. Larry chose to do this in a Content Monetization Portal. The notion for the program was simple: provide his audience with targeted educational content that can help them achieve their goals and overcome their challenges, in a format strapped-for-time CEOs can easily consume. When a CEO is faced with a problem or question, they don’t have time to rifle through books, look back through articles that have been previously shared, or drop everything to attend a webinar. They need a single, credible resource where they can quickly get the right answers and where they can monitor their professional development long-term. As Larry says, “Business is tough. The pressure on the CEO is immense. But if we can build the leader, we can build the business.”

And so was born C.E.O. Tribe.

A Gamified Content Monetization Portal for CEOs to Learn Online and Offline

Using the best gamification practices of the day and a subscription fee model, C.E.O. Tribe makes it possible for any business leader to:

  • Access curated multimedia content from a host of experts on topics that are highly relevant to them.
  • Reinforce their learning and boost their retention by answering quiz-like questions about each piece of content.
  • Take their online learnings into the offline world by assigning themselves tasks to complete in their personal and work lives.
  • Pass key content pieces on to peers and team members.
  • Track their professional development progress.

The Results: Carving Its Place as a Leader in a Crowded Marketspace

C.E.O. Tribe has successfully fractured the outdated “canon” of CEO training methodologies. It continues to gain traction as an innovative, disruptive business content model in a crowded marketspace.

With more content being published daily, C.E.O. Tribe has become the ultimate online resource for CEOs. Since its launch, CEOs across North America have registered for and referred Larry’s Content Monetization Portal, and his most respected peers have endorsed it. Larry is already planning to expand the service by rewarding the most engaged users with specialized content, retreat opportunities, and advanced access to exclusive thought leadership from the best business minds in the world.