Our Approach

Our programs put knowledge in motion in order to achieve your organizational goals. That’s a tall order. We back up every program with a clear, customized measurement plan tailored to your business goals so that the real competitive advantage you gain from your program has quantifiable results.

Website metrics: they’re vital, but so few get them right. Our approach to measurement is the polar opposite of industry norms -- and you’ll appreciate that.


Our Approach

Most organizations fail to measure their digital environments at all. When they do, their procedures are:

Measurement is crucial to monitor your success, identify areas for improvement, and uncover potential business opportunities for your organization. It’s non-optional. Our measurement process is:


They try to play catch up by starting to measure only after they’ve devised programs or tactics, leading to confusion and false results.

Proactive and Planned:

We set up a deliberate measurement plan at the onset of the project.


Following an out-of-the-box measurement plan means they’re usually looking at irrelevant website metrics and high-level stats -- not the data that has real value.


One size does not fit all. We implement mechanisms to evaluate your program’s efficacy based on what the program itself has been designed to do.

Without Purpose:

Because they are measuring site traffic and pageviews without the context of an overarching plan, nor a clear connection to the goals of the organization, it’s difficult to derive any meaning or importance from the data.

At the Center of Your Business:

Your measurement plan not only provides insight on the program’s performance, but also on its success in helping you achieve your business goals.

Impossible to Action:

Reporting on data without tangible insights, makes it near impossible to optimize and improve your program’s performance.


Clear and digestible data, reporting on precise Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) equips our team with the insights required to understand what’s working and what’s not.


Most measurement plans are just a shot in the dark; they fail to leverage years of research and learnings, as well as the latest best practices.


We’ve honed our solutions over time, and we continue to share learnings between different industries and businesses. That collaboration means you can benefit from our other clients’ previous successes.


Most organizations set up Google Analytics and think that’s sufficient.


Our approach doesn’t stop at analytics. We use a number of different measurement tactics (e.g. customer surveys, staff engagement surveys, company financial performance, gamification points systems, etc.) to gauge how well the program drives goals.


Our Approach

Key Steps in Our Measurement Process

  1. Strategy: We start talking about measurement early in our strategic planning process, as we design programs to help achieve your organizational goals, we already have the foundation for a measurement plan.
  2. Coaching: Don’t know much about measurement? We educate you and your team on measurement planning, so that you’re clear on how and when we’ll collect results, and why those results will be of value.
  3. Benchmarking: As we begin a formal measurement plan for your program, we determine the KPIs to benchmark based on your business, its goals, and the program. At All Roads, we involve several of our internal experts to ensure your plan is effective.
  4. Measurement Plan: Before we begin developing your program, we present a tailored measurement plan that ties directly to the goals of your business.
  5. Quarterly Review: Every quarter, we review the data, synthesize the information, and share the insights with you in a quarterly report and presentation. We compare the performance quarter over quarter and review your custom benchmarks to help better understand the windows of opportunity.
  6. Data Collection: If your measurement plan calls for data collected outside the solution (e.g. sales data, opinion information, performance data), we’ll coach you how to gather that information.
  7. Optimize: Based on the results of your KPIs, we identify tactics to optimize the performance of your program, directly influencing your business-building goals.

Why It Works


Our approach works because it’s based on years of learning and optimizing. We know what measurements are easily attainable and which website metrics have meaning. We can apply those best practices to each and every client for a completely custom measurement plan.


Data without context is just a pile of facts and figures. Better measurement practices yield insights -- key truths that make data understandable and useful. These insights identify successes and areas of improvement. They can even lead to new business opportunities for you, improved operations and scalability, and increased employee engagement.


The most important aspect of our reporting is how we work with the insights; what the data tells us we need to do. Whether it’s stay the course, implement a system change, or simply optimize a button, we leverage the insights to identify tactics that will help boost your program’s performance.

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