Our Approach

In order to strategically and sustainably put your knowledge in motion, we need to build an unshakeable foundation by better understanding three factors:

  1. Your Goals: What is your business trying to achieve?
  2. Your Stakeholders: Who are the key people who will impact the success of your business?
  3. Your Knowledge: What do people need to know?

It seems simple enough, but working from this junction -- and only from this junction-- is crucial. Miss any one of the pillars, and the program will fail.

Our Strategy and Planning Process

When it comes to managing the knowledge of your business, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. For many of our clients, they know it’s vital, but they don’t know where to start or how to make time. That’s where we come in.

In eight weeks, our no-stone-unturned approach quickly immerses our team in your business. We work through a series of steps to learn: who are the people that will affect the success of your business? What do they care about? What do they need to know? What do you need them to do?

We facilitate this discovery process through these five steps:

  1. Immersion: In this full-day session, we dive into the DNA of your business to chart your goals, stakeholders, and knowledge with you.
  2. Document Review: To save you time, we learn about your company by reading and analyzing the materials you share with us -- from memos to RFPs to org. charts.
  3. Research: We conduct a formal secondary research project to better understand a particular aspect of your business, industry or customers.
  4. Stakeholder Interviews: Our team connects directly with your stakeholders to get an unfiltered understanding of their unique priorities, needs, and challenges.
  5. Knowledge Mapping: Week by week, we focus on a different area of the business (e.g. sales, training, marketing ) to populate your Knowledge Map.
  6. The result?

    A Strategy Plan that’s an unshakeable foundation. It includes everything we need to develop your program, and as your business evolves, it enables you to strategically expand and invest in the right programs and tactics in the future.

Strategic Planning Makes Everything Possible

A clear, focused strategy rooted in our planning approach enables you to:

  • Build a knowledge base for your organization
  • Identify your priority stakeholders both internally and externally
  • Establish relationships between your knowledge and the people who need to know it
  • Unearth the key knowledge gaps of your target stakeholders
  • Understand how to speak to stakeholders directly and with relevance
  • Formulate and embody a focused brand personality across all branded touchpoints
  • Access and organize your goals in a measurable, achievable way
  • Make more informed decisions on where to invest resources across your business
  • Invest in programs that will have real and lasting change
  • Use your thought leadership in your organization to create palpable differentiation
  • Measure and collect insights that will help facilitate continuous improvement

Next Step... Knowledge Mapping

Craig F. Gregozeski,
President, Squire Asset Management
"I discovered a breakthrough strategy that can save people’s financial livelihoods during stock market crashes, potentially changing their worlds forever. But I needed help executing that vision, getting it out of my head and making it available to millions of others. All Roads’ skillful and talented people along with their unique Knowledge Mapping System can get very complex ideas and visions to the market. I am incredibly energized, thanks to them, by my dreams coming to fruition."