Our Approach

Your organization has a resource that your prospects, clients, employees, investors, and the marketplace want: knowledge. Guided by deep insight into your stakeholders and business-building goals, we map the knowledge that you already convey – so you can deliver it with greater purpose and power.

Knowledge Mapping enables your executive team to strategically capture, control, and transform knowledge into authoritative content. Our proprietary software and systematic process was created just for you: it allows you to build a complete digital knowledge base for your target audience. Knowledge is your best resource; we can help you leverage it for exceptional – measurable – results.

Our Knowledge Mapping Process

With our methods, you can turn knowledge into a unique competitive advantage. Knowledge Mapping empowers you to shape what you know, and what you want to know, into dynamic content that resonates with your stakeholders and revolutionizes your business.

  1. Immersion and Research: You won’t face an empty screen. Through our intense Strategy and Planning process, we’ll uncover your key goals and stakeholders. Then, using that insight, we start filling in the map.
  2. Document: Piece by piece, we document what you know – and what you want your stakeholders to know.
  3. Categorize: Think of it like the table of contents for a textbook: categorizing helps us clarify the information you want to share and fill gaps.
  4. Prioritize: We help you prioritize knowledge elements and determine which need to be developed into content pieces first.
  5. Tag: Share the right information with the right people. Keeping your stakeholder personas in mind, determine the correct stakeholders so each content piece resonates – and achieves key goals.
  6. Plan Content Medium: Depending on your audience’s needs and your message, we can create articles, whitepapers, infographics, listicles, hotspots, videos, gamified content, and social media posts to capture your knowledge and your stakeholders’ attention.

Why It Works

Knowledge Mapping makes it easy to know what you know – and to use that knowledge to achieve your goals. It is the ultimate knowledge and content management tool.

It’s your to-know list. An interactive tool, it creates a robust environment that enables executives and managers to view and consider real knowledge as an entity outside their own heads.

It creates alignment. A Knowledge Map puts teams on the same page. They all know what is known and what will be known – and how to start transferring that knowledge to stakeholders.

It’s your knowledge – brought to life. Through this process, we plan complete curriculum programs and create contextualized, multi-use, future-looking content.

It grows with you. Your Map can evolve, just as your organizational knowledge does. Edit, add new information, delete outdated or stale elements, and augment your knowledge base so it reflects your goals and stakeholders.

Take the Guesswork Out of Mapping Your Knowledge.

Our proprietary software allows you to document, organize, categorize, strategize, and mobilize your knowledge into powerful content.


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Larry R. Hart,
CEO, C.E.O. Tribe
“Every CEO and departmental head NEEDS to adopt this tool as a daily resource. Knowledge mapping is above task and team management: it is the core role of a CEO.”