Our Approach

The people at your organization have unique perspectives, information, and expertise to share. Gamification — the application of game-playing elements in non-game settings — enables you to transfer it to your stakeholders with purpose. Leveraging proven best practices in education and gamification, we build robust learning environments that empower you to transform your knowledge into measurable results.

Our customized programs are populated with comprehensive courses that utilize chunked learning. This synthesizes your body of knowledge into easily-digestible bites to enhance retention and results. By integrating advanced gamification strategies, including skill testing components and immediate feedback, your stakeholders will reach the education trifecta: engagement, accountability, and achievement. And you will reach your business-building goals.

Key Steps of the Gamification Strategy Process

Our systematic gamification process delivers a dynamic learning environment that captures, and keeps, users’ attention, motivates them forward with their education, and gives them the tools to apply their newfound knowledge.

  1. Integrate Knowledge from Strategy and Planning Phase: Our account teams develop an in-depth understanding of your goals, stakeholders, and knowledge. This insight will determine if gamification is the right solution for you.
  2. Determine the Best Gamified Solution: We will find the best way of “setting up the game.” Your ideal solution may be a logged in hub for customer service, a staff training and development portal, an exclusive subscription-based resource for members, or an engagement program for prospects. Your solution will encourage the behaviors you desire in your audience so you can achieve your objectives.
  3. Format and Categorize Content: Breaking content into manageable pieces helps users convert information into long-term knowledge. To appeal to all types of learners, use a strategic variety of different mediums (e.g. articles, infographics, hotspots, etc.). Present your content in clear, logical courses and categories to motivate audiences to absorb your entire curriculum.
  4. Incorporate Skill-Testing Components: Content pieces with challenging quizzes and thought-provoking tasks force stakeholders to engage in critical thinking and encourage them to take ownership of key takeaways.
  5. Establish Parameters: How will your learners play the game? We deploy proven gamification strategies that enhance learning, retention, motivation, and engagement. Point systems, point degradation, milestones, badges for online and offline achievements, certifications, and other elements can be integrated into your learning environment to maximize results.

Why It Works?

Gamification brings the power of games to real-life scenarios and situations. It leverages our natural inclination for excitement, competition, achievement, and status – and creates opportunities for stakeholders to interact with your brand in meaningful ways. It works because people love to play.

  • Gamification can increase time spent on your site 100 - 150%1 and increase employee engagement by 48%2. Why? It’s fun. It creates a dopamine dump – a feel-good surge of energy accompanied by an impetus to achieve, and learn, more.
  • Your curriculum will resonate with anyone who thrives on competition – with others in the community and with themselves.
  • It taps into the psychology of motivation. Gamification uses your stakeholders’ intrinsic desire to learn and bolsters it with extrinsic rewards, like points, badges, and certifications.
  • Gamification fosters accountability. Built-in quizzes and tasks require stakeholders to think critically, demonstrate understanding, and apply their grasp of the content.
  • Stakeholders learn the value of the gamified environment as they experience it. You don’t have to waste time providing instruction. They just get started.
  • Your gamified environment is based on your business goals and your stakeholders’ needs. It is grounded in your expertise and enables you to transfer knowledge with purpose and power.

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Matt Garman,
Managing Director, Sales Plus Profit
“The development and launch of both our gamified Employee Training System and Customer Engagement Portal means we have clear visibility into staff, prospect, and customer activities. I can see who is logging in and what they are learning, and use these insights to enforce accountability among my team, better qualify and nurture prospects, and provide higher levels of customer service to our clients. The gamification elements clearly inspire a higher level of engagement, but they also allow me to better gauge ROI.”