Our Approach

Our in-house website design and development process is rooted in the findings of the strategic planning phase. We use a deep understanding of your business, brand, goals, target audience and knowledge to create a world-class online resource for your stakeholders.

We design and execute customized corporate websites integrated with our world-class proprietary software, Authica. Our “knowledge first” approach means your site will unmistakably convey your thought leadership with user experience considerations and leading gamification strategies tailored to your stakeholders’ needs. We build to the highest industry best practices, and create sites that are optimized for mobile and SEO considerations.

We work with so many
diverse clients:
every day is interesting and presents 
new challenges. Taura Art Director

Key Steps in the Design and Development Process

Our simple design philosophy provides internet users with what they seek: credible answers and context in content-rich, engaging, and easy-to-navigate experiences. We’ve honed our design and development processes for optimal efficiency. We pride ourselves on our detailed timelines and commitment to delivering work on time.

  1. Website Plan: Our team reviews an in-depth website plan with you and your team. This plan includes details such as the site map, the specific focus of each page, relevant calls to action, and user experience considerations. We also address mobile optimization priorities and tracking requirements. You sign off, then our designers start creating.
  2. Creative Design: With a thorough understanding of the latest industry best practices, our designers create completely unique, custom website designs. From colors to fonts to imagery, they capture your organization’s brand personality to create a visual language that resonates with your stakeholders.
  3. Development: Our development team brings the vision to life, working in Pantheon’s unique tiered environments to build your site securely and efficiently. We ensure our technology can connect with your business systems including eCommerce, CRM, ERP, and social media systems. We take care of the all details, including:
    • Mobile optimization and cross browser compatability
    • Site map and menu hierarchy
    • SEO - Keyword research, URL structure, and keyword mapping
    • Analytics audit and integration Sitemap submission
    • Bot traffic exclusions and IP address blocking
    • Redirect planning and execution
  4. QA: We conduct a robust four-tier QA process to ensure everything functions well and displays properly.
  5. Launch: For many of our Customer Engagement Portals and Knowledge as a Service Portals, we undertake a beta launch with a pre-determined test group to collect and implement user feedback before officially “going to market”. Every launch is supported by an operations plan that articulates how to manage and communicate the program for maximum impact and sustainability.

Websites That Bring Your Knowledge to Life

A corporate website isn’t just a website; it is the representation of your organization online, and it must be designed as a service that meets the needs of your targeted audiences. Make sure your stakeholders get the right first impression.

Professionally designed and developed authoritative websites and online environments:

  • Make you and your knowledge accessible
  • Build credibility and trust with website users
  • Boost SEO, making you and your content easier to find
  • Increase conversions by proactively providing the information prospects need to make purchase decisions
  • Reward and recognize your best people by showcasing their expertise
  • Streamline customer service: customers can find answers on their own time, without being forced to call customer service

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