All Roads is a knowledge management firm. We help our clients harness the power of their knowledge by designing cross-organizational programs to achieve business goals.

Where You’ll Find Us

We work with clients all across North America and the United Kingdom from our offices in Ontario, Canada. Our head office is located on the waterfront in downtown Kingston and our secondary office is in Toronto’s Distillery District.

If you’re in the neighborhood, drop by.

It’s an insipiring place to be! Our office has the best views in Kingston.– Taura

I love that we’re nerdy! Everyone is curious and interested.

We dive deep into our clients’ work – from airplanes to air conditioning – to uncover ideas, insights, and truths.

– Kristy

What We Do

We build center-of-the-business strategies to manage your knowledge, transfer it to your stakeholders and achieve your goals.

We interview your staff, document every knowledge concept, organize the knowledge base, tag concepts according to their importance, and design custom content curricula. We pair “bite-sized” multimedia lessons with tasks, quizzes and points in our proprietary gamified eLearning software, Authica™. We transform knowledge into action and accountability.

What We Stand For

We value integrity, customer focus, creativity, and respect.


Know Your Stuff

To operate with precision, every member of our staff must be engaged, learning, and thinking critically about their role, their part in the larger organization, and our position as strategic partners to our clients.

Think It Through

Every action, recommendation, or tactic we devise is strategic and thoughtful. We practice intentional decision-making and deep critical thinking. Everyone is expected to contribute to the “mental heavy lifting” that leads to fewer mistakes and better results.

Get Together

We encourage teamwork, collaboration, idea sharing, and community that leads to strategic thinking, creativity, efficiency, and cross-team learning for a better work environment and the best solutions for our clients.

Light It Up

Get excited. Impress us. Light up every room, presentation, and every client engagement with enthusiasm, passion, and fearlessness. Move mountains. Make changes happen. At All Roads, we ask our staff to bring their best selves to work every day and bring out the best in one another.

Do The Right Thing

No matter the challenges we face, our people are always empowered and expected to do the right thing as strategic partners genuinely invested in the success of our clients and as team-players within All Roads.

If all that sounds like you, then we encourage you to look at our current openings.

How We’ve Grown

Our mission is — and has always been — to help businesses realize the value of their knowledge and leverage it. Since 2011, we’ve been capturing expert knowledge from business owners and executives and transforming it into engaging educational content that speaks directly and with relevance to their stakeholders.

Along the way, we’ve honed our measurement and operations plans and have added cutting edge gamification techniques.

When our strategies outgrew the existing tools in this sphere, we developed our own proprietary softwares:

  • Knowledge Mapping System: Our tool to document, organize and strategize with our clients’ knowledge.
  • Authica™: Our unique plug-in to create gamified learning systems.

Today, we manage the knowledge of clients in virtually every sector across North America and in the United Kingdom.

How We Work Together

Our team comprises seven tasks forces made up of passionate specialists who are deeply knowledgeable about their areas of expertise.

Strategy Planning: The strategic authorities, our Account Strategists delve into the details of your business, industry, and stakeholders, working with you to identify your goals and then devising tactical programs that will help you attain them.

Project Management: Working closely with our account strategists and design, development, and content teams, our team of Project Managers execute the different elements of your program to fulfill the strategic vision for your business.

Design: Our design team is skilled at translating your business objectives into impactful, memorable designs. Employing the latest best practices for a smooth and sophisticated user experience, every design is strategically crafted to reflect your unique brand personality and to drive your organizational goals.

Development: Our development team works closely with our other departments to build your custom online experience exactly how they were envisioned. These skilled practitioners work with the best practices of the day in mind on every project, making scalable solutions that work on every relevant screen and browser.

Content: The Content team matches you with dedicated writers who become immersed in your business, industry, and unique thought leadership. Liaising with writers, Account Strategists, and Project Managers, the Content Department ensures your content meets our rigorous standards and aligns with your business goals.

Measurement: How do you quantify success? That’s what our measurement team is here to do. They’ll devise a custom measurement plan, set KPIs, and set up Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to track how well your program is performing. With reports from the measurement team, we can adjust our tactics as needed to optimize your tactics and achieve even better results.

Our Team

Grant Goodwin

President & CEO

Ross Carter

Partner & CFO

Kristy Guthrie-Roth

VP, Authoritative Branding

Kayla Napier

Senior Account Strategist

Trentt Copeland

Account Strategist

Gill Goldsmith

Finance Manager

Konstantin Loutsenko

Senior Technology Director

Nichole Ramos

Computer Systems Analyst

Brock Poirier

Web Developer

Taura Hanson

Art Director

Wendy Treverton

Graphic Designer

Elyse Gagne

Content Manager

Jesse Whale

Project Manager

Rachel Adams

Project Manager

Michelle Robinson

Project Manager

Scott Kyle

Performance Analyst